yak fair trade main services

  • Yak Fair Trade focuses on staple food value chain development:

    • The processing and distribution of grains, (maize, wheat, rice, and sorghum), and a variety of beans (including soybeans),
    • Fruits (pineapple, orange, avocado, passion fruit, mango, and tomatoes),
    • Dairy value chain development (cow, pork, chicken and lamb processing, and distribution).
    • Focused on making an impact in Rwanda, YAK maintains a policy that its first channel of purchasing is with smallholder farmers (SHF).

      Historically, YAK has purchased a minimum of 60% of its products from local Rwandan SHF while the remaining 40% imported is from the following neighboring countries:

      • Zambia,
      • Tanzania,
      • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),
      • Uganda,

      The company also intends to import from other countries such as Brazil, South Africa, and Ukraine and to expand its export reach both inside and outside of East Africa.

services Offered

Agriculture development

  • Development of cereals value chain for national and regional benefit
  • Becoming one of the leading companies in the domain of staple food
  • Development of the cash crops sector (particularly Coffee and Tea) in Rwanda and in the region
  • Horticulture development through assistance to smallholder farmers grouped into cooperatives, Company farms
  • Actively participate in the development of agriculture of Rwanda and the region
  • Purchase and sales of cash crops from farmers including but not limited to maize, beans, soybeans, Rice, Sugar.
  • Providing to the market quality maize flour (INONO Brand) processed in our maize milling located in Gahengeri Rwamagana District
  •  etc…

Meat processing

  • Establish the first modern slaughterhouse and meat processing facility for cattle in Rwanda.
  • Meat based logistic modernisation
  • Meat quality sales and improvement of service delivery
  • Introduce a new brand products
  • Supplier of 5 start hotels of meat and meat products (SERENA Hotel, RADISSON BLU, MARIOTT Hotel).

Consultancy & extension services

  • Participating in different supervision missions in Tanzania and Mauritania for International Fund for Agriculture development  (IFAD)
  • Improving slaughter conditions and meat processing in Rwanda and expansion of meat the value chain in the region, for YAK FAIR TRADE LTD, 2012
  • Feasibility Study for the creation and implementation of plant for Chips production in Kigali, Rwanda, 2013.
  • Nkunganire (Assistance to the farmer) in Marketing and Post Harvest Handling: Case of YAK FAIR TRADE Ltd, 2015
  • Conservation and marketing for Irish potatoes in Rwanda and the region, developed for KID’S FRIEND Ltd .
  • Consultancy for the processing and follow up/ Management of a project for expanding the dried pineapple, developed for cooperative Tuzamurane Kirehe District 2017-2018. 

Import and export of food products and drinks

  • Import of dry food (Maize and Soybeans) from Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi
  • Import of rice from Tanzania and sales to local and regional market
  • etc …

Furniture and other general services distribution

  • Establishment of a furniture and other general services distribution channel in Rwanda as wholesale company
  • Distribution of different items to different companies and individuals including but not limited to : HORIZON GROUP, YAK FAIR TRADE Ltd itself.

Promotion of eco-tourism and hotel services

This is an innovative idea of a complex project that has been initiated by YAK with the support of Rwanda Development Board, Kirehe District and Master card. The project is still under development and promises to promote tourism in Rwanda and most particularly Kirehe District.

Company management capacity and experience

The company is managed by a team of 28 staff intervening in the business of the Company. They are responsible for works in the farm, processing, sales & distribution of agriculture commodities , the meat cutting and processing house, the supermarket and butcher shop based at Kimironko, the distribution of furniture and consultancies. The company's staff is very skilled and has gained a lot of experience over a period of 11 years since the company opened its first shop in 2010. The company uses accounting software to monitor the profitability of the company. The CEO and the Managing Director of the Company have an experience of more than 20 years in agri-business and participated a lot in the expansion of its activities and the increase of its turnover.

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